There is nothing like the energy on the crowded streets of Los Angeles, CA on a Saturday night.  What’s better than a Saturday night in L.A. you ask?  A sold out Dubstep event, hosted by SMOG and Media Contender, that truly brought the original bass music vibe back to life in Los Angeles.  When we arrived at the House of Blues on Sunset, the lines were stretching around the building in anticipation for a night of great music at a historic L.A. venue.


Beginning the night, with an amazing talent for getting the dance floor moving, Emu transformed the bass heads of the House of Blues into one big united electronic dance music party.  With no one standing still throughout his entire set, he gave the crowd an awakening bass-jolt to kick off the evening just right.

With Emu winding down, J Rabbit stepped to the decks.  Opening with Schoolboy’s “Da Funk” remix, he rocked it for over an hour with a load of original music including his latest free giveaway tune, “Mr. Balloon Hands”.  He played an energetic mix of the heaviest Dubstep, electrifying Drumstep, and floor-moving Moombacore which was perfectly portioned.  J Rabbit shattered the dance floor when he dropped Terravita’s new remix of Datsik and Bare’s “King Kong”, which seemed to detonate the musical bass-bomb that the U.S. Dubstep™ bass heads were craving.  With the crowd’s hands to the sky, moving back and forth during the entire set, J Rabbit definitely brought the music and the experience that bass music fans came to the House of Blues to enjoy.  Watch for him in a city near you, we guarantee it’s a set you will not want to miss.

With the multitude of bass heads ready for more, Zeds Dead took to the stage with an exhilarating set that captivated the audience and set fire to musical minds.  Holding the crowd in the palms of their hand’s, Zeds Dead is known for always mixing it up and keeping their sets as entertaining as they are diverse.  Known most recently for their “Eyes on Fire” remix, they have been making quite a few stops lately around the world and, every time, putting on a phenomenal show.  The Los Angeles House of Blues was no exception; Zeds Dead brought the perfect energy and musical agility to satisfy even the hungriest bass heads.


In closing, SMOG and Media Contender in conjunction with the House of Blues on Sunset did an amazing job at providing a safe, affordable, and quality event that U.S. Dubstep™ was delighted to take part in providing media coverage for.  The vibe was right, the talent was stellar, and the venue was immaculate.  Keep your eye out for more events in the future from SMOG and Media Contender and support your local bass music scene!

Photos – Steven Pahel // Article – Andrew Jones



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