Together As Weed 3: Rumble In The Jungle

2 years ago in an exclusive underground warehouse THE RIZO got together to bring you one night of HERB and BASS, and held the first ever TOGETHER AS WEED. This 4:20 THE RIZO celebrates its two year anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone we bring you an exclusive two hour set…East vs West, …NY vs LA, D&B vs Dubstep : DJ ODI “KING OF NY” vs 6BLOCC “KING OF LA”. Join us in an urban jungle to bear witness to the Dubstep VS Drum & Bass RUMBLE.

Main Stage: Dubstep|Drum & Bass



Dj Odi is in great part responsible for the entire style of jungle music in NYC. His performances date back as far as 1989, when the 14 year old Harlem native began performing for various events in his neighborhood. His musical interests took a new turn in 1992, when he began promoting for the NASA parties of New York City. It was at these now-legendary parties that he gained his first residency, and began his career as one of America’s most sought after jungle DJs. Odi’s talent and ability to please a crowd quickly gained him notoriety. He began touring nationally in 1995; his immaculate sets packed dance floors everywhere with a party vibe that became synonymous with the DJ Odi name.. His creative fusion of hip hop and early drum n bass rapidly gained popularity among DJs and producers, and it was through this fusion that Odi has been credited for the development of “hipstep” (a.k.a. “jump up”) jungle. In 97, Odi and his crew formed their own eponymous record label, Digital Konfusion, and began spinning at NYC’s most dedicated weekly jungle show: Konkrete Jungle which is one of the most influential Jungle/Drum&Bass shows in the US. Odi rapidly became a fixture, while continuing to travel the country, one of the first few to enjoy such popularity. His accomplishments as an innovator of urban music were further recognized in 1998, when Odi became the first jungle DJ to ever be accepted into the prestigious Zulu Nation, forever demolishing the barrier between hip hop and drum n bass.

DJ Odi has performed all over the US dropping Drum&Bass, Jungle, and Jump UP beats, currently he is also experimenting in the rich sound of DubStep. While DJ Odi is best known for his live performances, he is also an established producer. His production history goes as far back as 1995, with releases on both BML and the now Defunct Jungle Sky label. Recently, Odi has been working with the Digital Konfusion crew to spearhead their record label and clothing line, as well as running two successful radio shows on


R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. In 1988 he made his move into the hip hop game with 2 vinyl releases under the name PROJECT X which featured Brooklyn MC, SILKSKII. In 1991 the sounds of UK hardcore / jungle were creeping onto the shelves of dance shops in L.A. and R.A.W. was quick to spin and represent. With help from Dj Dan, R.A.W. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast. By 1994 R.A.W. alongside Dj Curious and Dj Trance (Jason Blakemore) started L.A.’s first jungle weekly called….JUNGLE! Located at a dirty abandoned train station known as the Belmont Tunnel (Predator II was filmed here as well), the weekly gathering was the only place on the westcoast to hear the dark sounds of reinforced and suburban base records. The venue was kept dark with only one laser to keep the junglist listening and falling deeper into the music. By the mid-90’s R.A.W. was traveling all over the world rocking crowds with his signature sound of urban jungle choonz and b-boy turntable tactics. In 1997, R.A.W. would go on to win the West L.A. Music Dj Battle judged by Dj Quik. Shortly after this he was hired by a Japanese sound design company to produce 2 sample cd’s: DRUM AND BASS AMMO and HIP HOP AMMO; both were sold with the Roland SP-808 in Japan. Also around this time he began to release his jungle productions on labels like Warner Bros., Thrive, Priority, Mictlan, Tonz of Drumz, N2O and by 2000 on labels like Thermal, Vortex, Sound Sphere where the sound was getting faster and rougher. His single on Sound Sphere was a masterpiece created with E-Sassin at the Sound Sphere studios. Together they weaved an intricate tale of twisted breaks and evil winds over a relentless bassline that would pound the listener every 16 counts. Other R.A.W. classics still rock dancefloors worldwide like – Passin Me By Remix, Klash, Jah Rise, Ragga 2001 (which brought the stateside ragga-jungle sound to the masses), Mathematical Chemistry and Monkey Business..just to name a few! His discography has reached over 50 vinyl releases and a plethora of mixtape / mix-cd releases that sell out throughout the year! By 2007 R.A.W reinvents himself as 6BLOCC and is releasing his new sound on labels like Lo Dubs, N2O, Tribe Steppaz UK, Bootshake UK, La Dubstep Nostra and the popular white label War Recordings. In 2008, Portland bass music label, Lo Dubs calls upon the 6BLOCC to rock a mix cd featuring the Lo Dubs roster. The result is ANALOG CLASH, the first CD compilation / mix that features dubstep music from the Americas (north and south) as well as a remix from Vex’d. So far it has sold over 3000 units within months of the release date! When he isn’t on the road or in the air flying to various clubs and events throught out the U.S. 6BLOCC is managing his digi-label DIGITAL 6 (available on


Coma, Los Angeles Producer and RIZO resident DJ, is a rare specimen who has rhythm tattooed to the invisible surface of his conscience. His current endeavors into the realm of Dubstep have yielded a dynamic array of sounds. Melodic hooks, sweeping breakdowns and wobbling bass lines have become ubiquitous characteristics of his style. However, Coma carefully balances his driving, dance floor busting grooves with subtle audio edits and precision-crafted effects that provide an unsettling moodiness to his tracks.
Coma’s remixes of artists such as T-Pain, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and The Baby Namboo’s have put him on the map as a crafty up and coming producer. His music has also seen support from dance music luminaries such as Udachi, Trillbass, Mochipet, Noah D, Puppy Kicker and Bassism Records. Coma has released tunes on Savory Audio, Open Circuit Recordings and recently recorded a DJ mix for R.FM. Look out for Coma’s remix of Wes Green’s ‘Fly Away’ on TRiLLBASS Records, ‘The Call’ and ‘My Addiction’ along with remixes on Beyond Zilla Records and ‘Summer’s Fall’ b/w ‘Black Wood’ on Dub Selection Records.

APX 1 & CRS? [Ghetto Life, Tonz of Drumz]

BIO coming soon….


21 year old producer and RIZO resident DJ, born and raised in Los angeles, Ash Riser found his true calling of writing and performing at a young age. With the local success of his last group PISTOL PISTOL who released two records between 07, and 09.(The Cause 2007 and Goliath’s Fall 2009), and 4 demos before that from 05-07. At the age of 19 he began producing dubstep, hip hop, and electro. Any giving second of any giving day you can find the ASHTROBOT working away, absorbing, creating, expanding, and constructing, funky fresh, groove-matic, ill sounds that make your ears wet. He released his first record “Hash Rock Supa Fly v.1” in July 2010 blending dubstep with some live instruments, original vocals, and a little bit of blues and soul. currently he is involved in two other electronic projects that are both expected to turn some heads, (look out for E!NSTE!N and ATS)


TRVST (prounced “Travesty”) is the newest addition to THE RIZO. His debut performance was at THE SUMMER OF BASS MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL, along side the likes of REID SPEED , The Professionals, 6blocc and APX-1. He put together a tasty mix that combines dubstep with some glitch hop heaters, exhibiting his ability to expand to multiple genres. He will be making moves this next year and is bringing it proper in true RIZO fashion.



Los Angeles born and bred, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas were raised in the ’80s on a steady diet of Latin freestyle, electro, and new wave that pervaded their urban environment. Their father also exposed them to cutting edge progressive acts Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, planting early seeds for aural exploration. By the mid ’90s they were sampling LA’s underground club scene and heavily researching electronic music’s roots. After years of influence they began to express their musical vision through their own recordings and performances. Vidal and Vangelis eventually found common ground with producer / performer Drumcell, and in 2002 they formed the Droid Behavior event production group and record label out of frustration with the city’s lack of knowledge, acceptance, and understanding for Midwest-bred techno and house music and their European counterparts.


Left Minded, aka Neil G and Luke Alan, come with a strong pedigree including music for the UK’s legendary Paper Recordings, Poland’s Look Ahead, and England’s Deep Edition. Their latest outing on Look Ahead is remixed by Karol XVII & MB Valence, one of the most prolific and highly thought of production outfits of the past 12 months. The EP gathered chart and play support from Mousse T. Audio Soul Project, and The Timewriter amongst many other well known artists.






Justin Snyder

Justin is an active figure in the Los Angeles Art Community and has become an activist and outreach worker around issues on homelessness and starvation. His latest works consisting of paintings on wood and canvas have been described as dimensional layouts of echoing harmonics, distorted body forms, and organic abstraction.

Mark Flores

Born a Los Angeles native with an ear and eye to the street, Mark Flores has been able to use that insight into his street art and visual graphics, beginning his career as a Los Angeles graffiti artist at the age of 14 in the late 80’s. By the age of 16 Mark began his professional career as an apparel designer in the new upcoming “Streetwear” market.

Mark Flores has always been pushing his art to be at the cutting edge of his trade and has created many looks for different styles of clothing, as well as many other mediums in the graphic industry sustaining tight communication with his market audience.

For over the past 20 years Mark Flores has been consistently painting all mediums that a graffiti artist has as a visual canvas maintaining true to his passion for graffiti art.
Some of Mark’s early influences date back to the good ol’ BMX days in the 80’s along with New Wave music, Old School Hip Hop and Retro Funk.
Mark Flores current interests are doing limited edition screenprint posters on his personal time, developing new cutting edge ideas and designing new clothing line collections.

Erica Tremblay

Erica Tremblay learned to embroider from her mother and grandmother growing up in Southern Missouri. Now, inspired by the culture and streets of Los Angeles, she combines the antique art-form with a unique pop whimsy. Her work embraces the traditional old skill of stitch work and the meticulous detail that comes with it, but achieves a decidedly modern result. Images include tattooed fists, pairs of pretty girls embracing, Eames chairs, animals, robots and even the Notorious B.I.G. rendered on a tote bag.

“I think people have perceived ideas about embroidery and think of it as a stuffy thing that only old ladies do,” Tremblay said. “For me, it is all about redefining embroidery and making it modern, while still holding onto the nature and nuance of traditional embroidery.”

Naomi Duben

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been living in Los Angles for about 2 years. Being naturally talented at art, she had been drawing from a very young age, and formally began studying art upon entering high school. At the age of 15 she began attending figure drawing classes and oil painting classes at Academy of Art College, San Francisco. Her efforts were soon recognized when she was accepted into the prestigious California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) held at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. CSSSA was a college level art program for selected high school students across the state where she received intensive training in the fields of painting, figure drawing, printmaking, and ceramics.
Naomi continued her artistic career through college at San Diego State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in both International Business, and Fine Arts.

Tatiana Velazquez

I was born and raised in Southern California, but have been living in
long beach for almost 5 years. I more recently started exploring the
art community and promoting my work with the encouragement of close
friends. I get creative because I feel an urgent need to, always
conjuring ideas and working on different pieces simultaneously. I
often incorporate my photography into my paintings, even using vinyl
records and drumheads in place of canvas. I love to take photos and I
love to paint, so my solution to the divide is to unite the two. I
also write, act, and even have a music project in the works. I find
expression through different avenues be it music, painting,
photography, or film. When I can’t find inspiration to outlet through
one, I explore another.

Erica Tremblay

Erica Tremblay learned to embroider from her mother and grandmother growing up in Southern Missouri. Now, inspired by the culture and streets of Los Angeles, she combines the antique art-form with a unique pop whimsy. Her work embraces the traditional old skill of stitch work and the meticulous detail that comes with it, but achieves a decidedly modern result. Images include tattooed fists, pairs of pretty girls embracing, Eames chairs, animals, robots and even the Notorious B.I.G. rendered on a tote bag.

“I think people have perceived ideas about embroidery and think of it as a stuffy thing that only old ladies do,” Tremblay said. “For me, it is all about redefining embroidery and making it modern, while still holding onto the nature and nuance of traditional embroidery.”

Jessie Castillo

I am an abstract artist living in Los Angeles, CA.. The acclamations that I received from people viewing my work motivated me to pursue art as a profession. A short time after that, I began exhibiting my paintings and expanded to creating murals on privately owned walls. The change from graffiti to canvas has been financially beneficial to me. I have not yet attended an art school. All of my creative designs come natural.

Joshua Pelletier

Joshua recently recieved his MFA from the University of California – Davis and is now looking for greener pastures. He hails from Hudson Valley of New York, which is the small slice of country paradise which borders the hulking beast that is New York City. Although he focused on sculpture as an undergrad, the intervening years have brought his focus more toward drawing, particularly large format pen and ink.

Joseph Powers Bowman

J. Powers Bowman creates his work using freehand, black and white illustrations,
which he photocopies onto heavyweight paper and cuts out in as much detail as
possible. He then fixes these pieces together by hand to create landscape collages
that are minutely detailed, yet large format. His first piece was completed in 2008,
after two years of work; he has since become far more efficient, and has to date
completed thirty one pictures ranging in size from four by six inches to three by
five feet.


Pushgallery is proud to present the Photography of Wobsarazzi. We look forward to having Wobsarazzi on board with us for this event and you definitely don’t want to miss a chance to see some of his Photography up close and personal.

Will Butler

Will Butler was born in Portland, OR and raised in Huntington Beach CA. Learning and being inspired by a family afluent with artist Will has always had a love for photography film and art. Over the last couple years while being an art apprentice and Pushgallery collaberative, he has started to break out on his own and the it shows in his recent work. Pushgallery is happy to have him as a member of our family and we look forward to seeing this young artists progression over the year of 2011.

OnDek Smoke Wear!


FreshINK Clothing


2 ILL Clothing


Sweet~Ness Cupcakes


Live Body Painting booth by:

An abstract-expressionism painter. Avant gARDE Filmmaker. Philantropist ,Photographer. Eccentric, erratic. A bohemian that loves the concrete city of Lost Angels.

His style is PURO ARTE

A visionary artist who admires cultural heritage. Inspired by music at all times. Inspired by beautiful women.

He was also featured on the A&E show INTERVENTION.

His body art is intense, erotic and ritualistic.


Live Glass Blowing by: Scooter


US Dubstep []

Broken Visionz Photography []

Justin Butts []


♥ ♥ Portion of proceeds will go to benefit a non-profit HIV/AIDS awareness organization ♥ ♥

18+/ 21+ to drink
$15 B4 10PM $20 After 10PM
Info line: 626-628-5763
From 9:00pm-3:00am
The Rizo Email:
Rizo fan page:
Any questions feel free to call the info line


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