So last weekend the Rizo Family brought an amazing party to Los Angeles. Not only did they bring out some insane talent (B-Complex, Sluggo, Kleptomaddox, Coma, Ashtrobot, Trvst & many more) the also gave back to the community by holding a canned food drive which was a HUGE success.  To top off the amazing sound, insane line-up, and canned food drive the Rizo Family managed to find one of the dopest underground venues I have been to in  a while, These guys NEVER fail to amaze me.  I had the chance to talk to the Rizo’s after Digital Love I only wish I could tell you what they have in store for 2011. They are bringing it hard this year and I cannot wait till there next event.

Now the only downside for me this night was my flash broke, so I grab my back up flash and it would not fire off right. Photographers worst nightmare right here. So for now here are a few pics from the night while I try and salvage the other few I managed to get.

While your browsing, here are 3 INSANE mixes you can enjoy from the Rizo’s residents Coma, Ashtrobot & Trvst !!!

Make sure you check out these links !


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